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PR Newswire – July 3, 2008
Eniva VIBE® Nutraceutical Tested at Linus
Pauling Institute and Found to Possess DNA Protective Properties

MINNEAPOLIS, July 3 /PRNewswire/ -- The Eniva Research Group has released results from laboratory testing by the world-famous Linus Pauling Institute (CCP Core Facility) at Oregon State University which demonstrated the Eniva Health Supplement VIBE® possessed DNA protective anti-mutagenic activity for human cells. This third party testing was performed as part of an ongoing investigative effort to further identify mechanisms by which the Eniva VIBE nutraceutical impacts human health. Chief Scientific Officer for Eniva Corporation, Dr. Benjamin Baechler, stated, "While these results are tremendously exciting and give us insight into one of the mechanisms of action of the VIBE nutraceutical, we must be careful not to generalize these results beyond the study findings. What we can say for certain is these results further demonstrate the ability of the VIBE nutraceutical to help support healthy and normal functioning of human cells, even under very stressful physiologic situations."

The research design consisted of culturing human cells with and without the VIBE nutraceutical and then exposing these human cells to a well known DNA mutagen-ultraviolet radiation. After a period of time, the human skin cells were then obtained and examined for specific damage to their DNA. Results were
compared between the human cells supported by VIBE in their growth medium and those without it. The results demonstrated an extremely statistically significant decrease in DNA damage in those human cells which were supported with the VIBE nutraceutical (p-value < 0.001).

The exact laboratory technique used was the COMET assay, otherwise known as Single-Cell Gel Electrophoresis (SCGE), which is a very sensitive and well-known peer accepted laboratory method for assessing damage to cellular DNA. The COMET assay is widely used to assess DNA damage in cancer research, environmental toxicology and radiation biology. After mutagen exposure, cells are embedded in agarose gel on a microscope slide, lysed, electrophoresed, and then stained with fluorescent DNA binding dye. Damaged DNA migrates during the process, forming a shape often described as a "comet." The specific pattern is then automatically quantified through laser assisted computer analysis. Through specific algorithms, DNA damage can then be quantified and trends evaluated.

These results are part of an intensive initiative by the Eniva Corporation to further explore the mechanism of action behind their nutraceutical products. Chairman of Eniva Corporation, Andrew Baechler, commented, "This result further identifies and separates Eniva as a leader in providing science-based dietary solutions. We are very enthusiastic about the findings and testing conducted."

Eniva Corporation is a manufacturer and global marketer of high quality, science-based dietary supplements known as nutraceuticals. It carries a product line of over 75 wellness products, ranging from cardiovascular to general health and wellness. The corporation recently celebrated its tenth year anniversary at its world headquarters in Anoka, Minnesota.

More information on this topic and the actual testing data can be found at

The Linus Pauling Institute is not affiliated with the Eniva Corporation and is an independent testing laboratory.






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